Friday, November 30, 2012

11-30-12 AMOOXP Day 6 (1974, Part II)

1974 Part 2, although on further consideration, I think this must have been before yesterday's set since I turn up in this outfit at Mammammy's house in front of a tree with presents still wrapped underneath.

At least we're in the same year.

Me-Maw and I survey the presents under her little tree.

1974 was the year for getting cosmetic bags, it seems. 

The year of Rub A Dub Baby

And the year Rub a Dub Baby got left on the floor for year of the big fluffy white cat with green eyes. 
Her pink ribbon didn't stick around too long, either.

Kool-aid close up.

Then we're back at Mammammy's with all those presents. 

Mom is dressed the same too, but grandaddy is in his PJs. Now I'm completely confused.

There's the cat, so clearly we've already been to Me-Maw's.

Mammammy and Me, and the cat and the baby.

For some reason, we have no home movies from this year at either house, but Mom and Dad have little Super 8 boxes marked "1974 Christmas"at their house. Sounds like it's time to rev up the Super 8 Projector again! 


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