Friday, November 16, 2012

11-16-12 Remembering Ding Dongs

That was the most important part. 
Seeing shiny foil wrapping in my lunch box made my day.
Plus, you folded up the foil after lunch and played finger football with it.

I also cut out every baseball players card on the back of the boxes in the late 70s to go with my baseball card collection. The players all had cool 'staches, like King Ding Dong himself. The cards were a little raggedy around the edges, but they smelled like chocolate.

When there weren't baseball cards, you had a comic on the back of the box to muse over while you stuffed your face with one Ding Dong, in hopes you could get that one down and take a second without anyone noticing. 

Good memories. 

They haven't been the same in a long time. The chocolate cake used to be moist and they also used to have a lot more cream in the middle when I was a kid. I bought a box for my kids occasionally  but they were more stale with very little filling... and not in foil. 

Some things just taste better in your memory.


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