Thursday, November 29, 2012

11-29-12 AMOOXP Day 5 (1974, part I)

It was a Christmas mystery.

I'd set up folders for each year and started the drag and drop, starting with the earliest and figuring out which year the other sets must belong to. I knew definitively which pictures were 1975, which was when I was still recovering from the chicken pox. But I ended up with two sets that I, at first, thought were two different years, until I ran out of possible years it could be. 

Most of the shots from the two sets made me think I had to be younger in the blue shirt and older in the red, but that was all dependent on angles. When I set these two full length shots side by side, it was those blue shoes that made me sure it had to have been the same year.

So here we are at the Blue Shoe Year, 1974.
Part 1: At Mammammy's

At our house, with a new baby doll crib.

At Mammammy's house, with a baby to go in the crib. 

Handing out the presents was always my job. Mom is the caller, I'm the runner. 

The knock-off Easy Bake Oven

The Snoopy Viewmaster set

I love this picture and the next. 
Here, I'm checking out Snoopy, Mammammy is watching me and wearing her red footies, and Mom is . . . carrying on a conversation with the baby doll?

And the next shot, Mammammy is now checking out Snoopy
(while Mom tries to figure out the Easy, er, Warm Bake Oven.)


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