Monday, November 26, 2012

11-26-12 AMOOXP Day 2 (1970)

I realized yesterday I was going to make myself crazy if I didn't try to go in order in the countdown to Christmas. 

So let's go back and get going in some chronological order here.

A Month of Old Xmas Photos, henceforth AMOOXP (bonus, it's fun to say aloud)


1970 and I'm a few days shy of being five months old, which is just on the cusp of that fun baby age when they start smiling and being more than a sweet little lump of dough. So here's me nearing the end of baby-lump phase, but with no idea what mom has just unwrapped for me. I seem mesmerized, though.

Ah, second angle. Good thinkin' dad. It appears I am the recipient of a lot of primary colored things I can put in my mouth, as soon as mom will get the package opened. Except we appear to have moved on to more fun wrapping paper. Note to mom -- were you wrapping presents up until the last second?

I seem to be morally conflicted over the trapping of that butterfly in an air-tight ball.

Me, the tree, and teething rings. You are going to have to put up with red-eyed devil baby pictures or black-eyed demon pictures here. Nothing photoshop can do about ones this old. 

I remember that snowman (from Aunt Dot) and that ball with the fluttering butterfly in it, although I'm sure that's because I had them well into elementary school before they were relegated to the attic. Note the totally in-turned feet. It's a miracle they every straightened out.

In the Christmas outfit for a visit with Mammammy and Grandaddy in Mexia.

That stocking will hang at Mom and Dad's again this year for the 42 Christmas in a row. This was year 1.

This was also, sadly, the only year I would be present at Christmas with all four of my grandparents. I'm sure my grandfather didn't really feel like having his picture taken but I am glad that he did it anyway.

The Foley's Santa
and I am prisoner #4040 that year


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