Sunday, November 18, 2012

11-18-12 The Final Obscure Richard Marx Song of the Day, 2012 version

Tonight's the night. Like all of life, when I first heard about this concert date, it seemed far away, and yet somehow the days sped by faster than I could hold on to. (The only time this doesn't hold true is in childhood, whose laws of time are distinctly different and painfully slow.)

I started this countdown two weeks ago, just to mark off the days, picking songs almost randomly, being surprised to find a few had hit the middle of the charts, and moving on to another choice. 

And so, I bring you one last relatively obscure Richard Marx song of the day. . . and the only one of the list he did not write. That credit goes to Larry Gatlin, born 1948 in Seminole, Texas, and singing as one of the Imperials, a favorite gospel group of my daddy's, before forming the Gatlin Brothers.

When I heard this version, I had to stop everything and just listen. And then play it again. There is nothing like family member harmony. 

Song #1: Richard, Brandon,Lucas, and Jesse Marx, singing "Alleluia" 

from Friday night's concert in Seattle.

May all our alleluias
When spoken and heard
Be heartfelt thanks to Thee, dear Lord
And not just lovely words

And may each passing moment
Till the ending of our days
Be filled to overflowing
With our never-ending praise


the studio version


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