Sunday, November 25, 2012

11-25-12 A Month of Old Xmas Photos, Day 1 (1973, Part I)

Now that it's exactly one month to Christmas, 

and because I like to count down to things, 

here is the first installment of A Month of Old Xmas Pictures:

Let's do 1973. 

I am nearly three and a half and my only first cousins are playing with me at our grandmother's house. Since I don't have a lot of memories before this age and because they were quickly out of the house and, even before that, not visiting us at Christmas (after 1975, we weren't doing Christmas in Mexia) there was a tiny window of playing with my cousins.

Walt was 15 and Christie was 13. They weren't all that keen on helping me play with that Little People Dollhouse, but I must have reeled them in with the bowling set. Of course, it took much longer to retrieve the ball and set up the pins each time than it did to try and knock them down, so I needed as much help as I could get. 

Some other gems from that same roll:

Walt and Me-Maw digging in.

Aunt Dot, whose shoes and necklace are competing for awesomeness with the decor.

And me with my shiny new Dressy Bessy doll (before they changed her shoes). Her purple shoes taught you how to buckle, because little girls in 1973 still buckled a lot of their shoes. Her outer soft blue coat taught you to button. Inside was a purple belt that taught you how to snap. Under that, a red vest with a green string that taught you how to tie a bow, and under that was a secret pocket that taught you how to zip and unzip, sewn right above her big green felt circle of a belly button. Not that I loved her or anything ;)


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