Friday, November 23, 2012

11-23-12 The Day After, or Post-Turkeylpse

Breakfast at Albert's Diner has become a post-Turkey day tradition

Mom and Dad head out and back to Colorado today

And, of course, the other post-Turkey day meal, is Whataburger in Amarillo. Still the biggest lie around, "There's one near you" makes us laugh. Define "near" -- to me, it's not a 7 hour drive.

The insane onion ring 

After lunch, we head to I-40 towards Albuquerque (the other "near me" place for Whataburger)

to post-T-day tradition #3: The Cadillac Ranch

Sammi didn't go last year, but last year it was a whim, let's see what it's about kind of thing in the cold, 30 mph winds and we had no spray paint. Today, the wind was low, the sun was out, and Sammi came with three cans of spray paint in tow.

We chose the 1958 sedan model, with tail fins...

Nick in the 1956 Series 62

Sam starting the Tardis

Bob's bat and Nick's QB1

Nick started an SU on the '59 coupe

We couldn't find yellow spray paint, so we had a small bottle and sponge brushes.

Not being a Who-vian, I can only tell you, Sam assures me if anyone else into Dr. Who sees this, they'll smile.

Then we hit up the '50 series 62 next

Nick and his SU pirates logo

Sam works on the Van Gogh Tardis

Then it was back through Amarillo, which . . .  is pretty much summed up by this picture.

One stop at the DQ on the way home, and Sammi declared today better than Thanksgiving.

We stopped by Melissa's to drop off Sammi, who lives there with all the other girls when we're here.

And Diablo gave out wolf kisses.

Then it was back for naps before putting up the Texas Mask's Christmas lights.

And after dinner, we finally got around to making the Bread Pudding requested by Nick.

Problem is, putting this on the blog didn't take long enough. 

We're still waiting for it to come out of the oven. 


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